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Cambridge Exam Score Templates

As a teacher in Spain, you do quite a lot of things. You get to teach all the ages, all the levels and also, probably one of the most common things, you prepare for the Cambridge exams. If you’ve never prepared for the Cambridge exams, don’t worry, there are plenty of resources on the internet that can help you understand…

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First lesson for B2 Cambridge exam preparation

However, the part that I’m most proud of must be the lesson plan for the very first class. If you’ve ever taught an intensive course, you know that you don’t have that much time to waste and you need to move quite fast. That’s why I decided to combine an introduction class, mock speaking exam and language level assessment all…

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(ESL) job interview red flags

As a first part of becoming a freelancer, I decided that I will look for a part-time job only to support myself during my transition process. I sent a bunch of CVs and I got a call! I went for a job interview and…a disaster! In my whole life, I’ve been to many job interviews and only twice I felt…

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Adapting lesson plans to other levels

It starts to resemble an investigation board. You think about the topics that you can teach at the same time, the activities that you need to tweak just a bit to have a good fit for the other group and the worksheets that need little to no changes. My last post focused on Compound Words for Starters. Using this plan,…

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Compound words for Starters

It’s been some time since I posted a lesson plan for YL and this one feels more like a treat than a chore. I’ve made a list of 12 compound nouns that your little starters should know by the end of the course. All of the words were gathered from the official Cambridge wordlist for Starters. This is why this…

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